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Leisure activities for youths by Slinkachu
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Description: A classic Slinkachu’s piece! Street through and through – Minature skaters ripping it up in a perfect bowl – or is that orange peel..
Originates: Published by 1xRUN, USA
Limited Edition: Signed limited edition number 13 / 100. Comes with COA.

Medium: Photographic archival pigment print on 310gsm fine art paper.
Size: 11.3 x 8

Slinkachu - About the artist
Slinkachu (real name Stuart Pantoll) has been fascinated by things of a small scale since being a child, when his father made him his first train set. Much later in 2006 whilst musing on ideas in his role as a commercial art director, Slinkachu struck on the idea of creating miniature art installations. From this point on ‘The Little People Project’ was born! Slinkachu started to create art installations in the public space of miniature people made from customised model railway figures. Each installation would have its own narrative often containing humour or social commentary. After each piece was photographed by the artist, he would super glue it to its location and leave it for the public to discover. Sadly this abandonment would mean that many pieces would only ever be temporary. Thankfully his photographic prints of the scenes serve as a record to be enjoyed and collected.


Slinkachu’s work has a charm, cleverness and humour that is loved and appreciated by people worldwide. In fact the artist has toured his Little People making installations in many cities around the globe. His images have been collected in three best-selling art books; Little People in the City (Boxtree, 2009), Big Bad City (Lebowski, 2010) and Global Model Village (Boxtree, 2012) that have collectively sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. Slinkachu currently lives and works in London, England.

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