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Circulate System Shift print by Augustine Kofie
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Description: A classic piece by the artist - Architectural drafting meet stylish graffuturism! This piece will add kudos to your space without a doubt! 

Originates: 1XRUN USA

Limited Edition:
Signed out of 100 
Medium: 6 colour serigraph print on 290gsm fine rag art paper

Size: 56cm x 76cm / 22" x 30"

Augustine Kofie – About the artist
Born in 1973, Augustin Kofie, or KofieOne, grew up in and has made Los Angeles his lifetime home. He has been active in the LA Graffiti community since the mid-nineties. Many of his murals and productions are still on view. As he has developed over the year, his work reflects his wide range of interests: architectural templates, deconstructed lettering, vintage collage paper, contemporary music, and 1960’s-70′s iconography. Recently he became a member of the Agents of Change, a tight crew of progressive graffiti artists, which also includes Jaybo Monk and Derm from this exhibition as well. He also is a member of the Transcend Collective with Joker, Poesia and more.

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