Shepard Fairey - Revolution Woman

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Title: Revolution Woman
Excellent, framed and float mounted and pre-owned
Description: An early classic by urban artist extraordinaire - Shepard Fairey! One of his most iconic and loved images. This is a highly sought after and collectable print by Obey from back in the day.

Originates: USA, 2005

Medium: Signed by the artist, offset print.

Size: 24" x 36"

Shepard Fairey - About the artist
Shepard Fairey; a name synonymous with urban art, he is the artist responsible for bringing the Obey Giant social art experiment and brand to the world. He is a talented, prolific and daring graphic / street artist who for 20 years with his army of foot soldiers has been 'getting up' the world over.

Shepard Fairey's work has been much imitated for it style and character. Real Shepard Fairey pieces are often recognisable for their colours, use of pattern, often political statements and of course the face of the now dead wrestler Andre the Giant R.I.P.

Shepard Fairey has featured in too many articles, exhibitions and documentaries to list. He features heavily in the excellent Banksy movie, 'Exit through the gift shop' which is well worth a watch. As an artist of such acclaim Shepard Fairey's work is now extremely sought after.

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