Remi Rough Print

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If only silence could speak
As new
A colourful and modern feeling piece. Angular shapes and shards composed to give a sense of something shattered or placed? A classic Remi Rough piece and a great example of contemporary Graffuturism!
Originates: Printed by 1XRun, USA 

Limited Edition:
Signed edition of 50 
Medium: Screen print on Cougar Natural art paper

Size: 43cm x 43cm 17" x 17"

Remi Rough – About the artist
Championing the modern abstract form that has its roots in graffiti Remi Rough fits right in with the Graffuturism crowd! His asymmetric forms and angular shards of colour shout style. He has a knack of composing random shapes that are not only pleasing to the eye but also seem to speak of the future. Over the last few years this artist has grown in stature and popularity. He has beautified buildings and exhibited in galleries around the world!

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