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Audrey Hepburn by Pure Evil
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Description: Silver screen legend Audrey Hepburn is given the Pure Evil treatment! In the artists typical style, this piece has a cool and raw feel as it is presented with a Ramones street poster as the background. The print was released by the artist in 2016 as part of an art car boot sale.
Originates: England 2016
Limited Edition: Signed limited edition out of 100
Medium: Screen print on heavy weight art stock
Size: 35cm x 50cm

Pure Evil - About the artist
Pure Evil is the moniker of British artist Charles Uzzell-Edwards. Having trained in fashion and graphics in London, he moved to the West coast of America for 10 years working for fashion label Anarchic Adjustment. It was there that he learned the technique of screen printing and also began to hit the Californian streets with his first street art.

Having developed a style and appreciation for dark imagery and black humour, he returned to London armed with his quick fire Evil Bunny tag (a nod to a regrettable incident he was involved in, that featured the death of a real bunny). Through a combination of prolific street work, setting up a gallery and publishing his own prints, Pure Evil has gone on to create a significant following. Much of his work is bold in colour, figurative pieces. They tend to be of famous people featuring a slightly sinister teardrop. The Evil Bunny always puts in an appearance!

Pure Evil has featured on TV programs such as BBC’s The Apprentice and Channel 4’s Four Rooms. His work is now exhibited and collected worldwide.

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