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The Flag Bear by Jeremy Fish

Condition: As new
Description: The trials of the homeless bear out in the sticks and living under the stars. A stylish print that seems to question the idea of home and who belongs where.  
Originates: USA 2016 
Limited Edition: Embossed, signed and numbered limited edition out of 100
Medium: 4 spot colors printed on 100 uncoated stock, acid free
Size: 42cm x 59cm / 18” x 24”

Jeremy Fish - About the artist

Jeremy Fish is an illustartor and artist who hails from San Francisco where he has lived and worked for the last 20 years. Born in 1974 he grew up in Upstate New York. He moved to the West Coast in 1994 to study at the San Francisco Arts Institute, where he gained his BFA in art. 

Since then he has worked prolifically in various mediums, producing many prints, art books, commercial collaborations with big sports brands and exhibited in galleries and on walls around the world. He comes across larger than life and seems a bit eccentric in both his public persona and his art – this is no negative thing – it just adds to the charm and intrigue. His work has been described as cute and creepy for it’s strange hybrid creations – We’d prefer to say weird and cool!

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