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Pre-Owned very good condition. Small faint creasing to top left of border
Description: This classic and much loved image by Eelus playfully references one of our favourite Star Wars characters.. Every barbershop wants one of these on the wall!

Originates: England, the artist 2006
Limited Edition:
Edition of 200 signed by the artist
Medium: Stunning screen print art archival paper

Size: 50cm x 70cm

Eelus- About the artist
Eelus (Lee Pennington) grew up in the north of England in the late 80’s, loving comic book artwork and graffiti from an early age.

In the early 2000’s he moved to London and was inspired and became involved with the flourishing street art scene. It was here that he met Banksy and produced his first celebrated prints for the now closed but much collected Pictures On Walls. Around this time, he also participated in the famous Cans Festival showcasing his stencil art skills to the masses.

In more recent years Eelus moved to live and work in Brighton, the creative city on the south coast of England. From here his work has continued to evolve, still often featuring stencil work but mixing with other mediums to great effect. Eelus’s work often borrows imagery and re-contextualises it with humour and or meaning – Either way, his work is always aesthetically pleasing and much sought after. Eelus’s work has always had cult appeal within the urban art scene. Now however, his more recent pieces are also garnering interest of collectors from the typical contemporary art scene.

Eelus continues to paint murals and produce high quality works in print and on canvas. He has exhibited worldwide alongside many other great artists including; Faile, Nick Walker, Banksy, Ben Eine, D-Face and Shepard Fairey to name a few.

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