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"Travel Memories #5 - Rusty Oldschool Cans by Flying Fortress

Condition: As new
Description: A journey back in time and to the darkest corner of Flying Fortress’s basement... searching for some real rusty, dusty and dirty oldschool flavour. His best comrades while doing his first steps into the Graffiti world as the tin hat wearing bear. Featuring some iconic & old-fashioned labels and brands. For all you retro romantics! Back to 1989!
Originates: Germany 2016 
Limited Edition: Signed and numbered limited edition out of 33 with an embossed Fortress logo
Medium: Highly pigmented fine art print on satin matte white 300gsm art paper
Size: 42cm x 59cm / 16.5” x 23.4”

Flying Fortress - About the artist
From 1989 to 1995, Munich based Flying Fortress was a classic graffiti artist. It was around 1995 that he studied graphic design and after a creative drought he hit on the inspiration for creating his now iconic Teddy Troops. The tin hat wearing bear started popping up on walls in cities all over Europe. An army of bears was growing with every new street illustration as well as his following. At the time Flying Fortress was one of the few graffiti artists who’s illustrations came to represent their identity by having character or logo that was more important or recognisable than their tag. His artwork was a bridge from classic graffiti to what has now become generically referred to as street art. Originally many of Flying Fortress pieces were in the same uniform colours but eventually cutomisations of the military bear began to flow. Eventually a range of collectable Teddy Troop vinyls toy were released. As their popularity grew, more ranges and variations followed. The Teddy Troops continue to invade walls around the world. Flying Fortress has exhibited in many renowned galleries and has a military strength fan base.

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