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The Grid
Excellent - Please note, this painting is on an already rusty and patina' d car bonnet, which is intended and adds to its aesthetic charm
Description: A beautiful example of Will Barras's work. Figurative, retro and Manga-esque in style, it depicts a race ready motorbike and grid girl sheltering the rider with an umbrella.

As always with a Barras piece, there are plenty of abstract strokes leaving elements to the imagination. The composition and colours work so well on the retro patina bonnet! This piece would look equally great in somebody's home or motorcycle enthusiasts garage. It could be hung or enjoyed sat on the floor against the wall.

Originates: Will Barras, England 
Signed original
Medium: Spray on vintage car bonnet

Size: 120cm wide x 140cm high x 20cm deep

Will Barras – About the artist

Will Barras was born in 1973 and grew up in Birmingham, England. He is a successful artist, illustrator and animation director who began his creative career after studying graphic design in Bristol, England.

Whilst studying, he became aware of and interested in the burgeoning Bristol street art scene of the 1990’s. The diverse home town of Banksy and Inkie and a celebrated independent music scene, with the likes of Massive Attack leading the way – It was a cultural melting pot that was inspirational to Barras and one that he immersed himself into. At this time, he created artwork alongside his peers and equally renowned painters and graphic designers. Most notably of these were Mr Jago and Steff Plaetz, when they were all featured in the famous ‘Scrawl’ books. They also released artwork and did live painting events under the Scrawl Collective name. This phase gave Barras a launch pad and helped him become respected and connected with fans and the artworld in general.

Beyond his university days and the end of the Scrawl Collective, Barras went from strength to strength developing his style as a prolific artist. He travelled extensively around Asia, Europe, and America and exhibited works at reputed galleries along the way.

His work is recognisable in style, both figurative and abstract. He employs beautifully expressive brushstrokes often leaving much to the imagination but then having focussed areas of illustrated action. Gestural splashes of colour and sinister shadows often feature. Female figures and fast vehicles are a favourite subject matter for the artist.

Will Barras currently lives and works in London. Understandably, his work is much sought after and highly collectible. He has exhibited at AF Gallery, Cologne, Germany; Stolen Space, London, UK; The Don Gallery, Milan, Italy; Amble Gallery, Philadelphia, USA; Space Junk Gallery, Grenoble, France; and Alice Gallery Brussells, Belgium, among others.

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