The Futurist Lamp

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The Futurist table or desk lamp
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Description: 'The Futurist' lamp is designed by Jim Chambers. It is a contemporary and modern design, inspired by a love of the 'Graffuturist' art movement. Exponents of which would include artists like; Boris Telegen, Augustine Kofie, Nawer, Remi Rough and Zedz to name a few...

This lamp would provide a modern and stylish flavour to any home or office and sit equally well on a table, desk or side board! Keep it bare wood or enjoy getting the paint out and customising it! 

The lamp is supplied wired with a plug and decorative LED light bulb for a UK environment. The design is copyright J.Chambers 2020 in England.

Originates: England, 2020
Size: 36cm tall x 28cm at it's widest point.

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