Sainer (Etam Cru) Print

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Final Frontier by Sainer (Etam Cru)
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Description: Both anarchic and captivating , this is a gritty and very cool piece. It features a beautifully drafted rioter in Sainer’s characterful and recognizable style – A rare and awesome piece for any Etam Cru fan or someone who has a rebellious streak! The piece originates from December 2015 when it was released by Thinkspace gallery as part of the Galimatias Exhibition

Originates: USA, 2015

Limited Edition: 26
 / 50 
Medium: Giclee print onto archiaval Coventry Rag paper stock

Size: 27.5 “x 39.25”

Sainer - About the artist
Sainer (real name Przemek Blejzyk) is one half of Etam Cru - the world famous Polish street art duo. Growing up in Lodz in the 1990’s Sainer was a big fan of hip-hop and graffiti culture. After his preferred career path as a footballer was cut short by injury, he began to focus more seriously on his character art and learning how to paint portraits. He then went on to study fine arts where he met his Etam Cru friend and collaborator Betz. From here on the pair continued to paint independently and as a duo. Their large scale, realistic but slightly abstract style has gained them cult popularity around the world.

Today Sainer is based in Poland but tours the world taking part in street art festivals as Etam Cru and produces individual work and exhibits in solo shows.