Kid Acne Print

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'Ja' vi pior' (I've seen better)
Condition: Excellent

Description: This is an extremely rare print / artists proof (No 2 of 3). As an artist proof there are a couple of small production ink marks which add to the charm and individuality of this cool character piece.  

Originates: England

Limited Edition: Signed by Kid Acne AP 2/3

Medium: Screen printed on heavy weight, art archival paper

Size: 48cm x 66cm 19" x 26"

Kid Acne - About the artist
Kid Acne was born in Lilongwe, Malawi in 1978 and grew up in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. He currently lives and works in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Kid Acne spent his formative years painting graffiti, creating fanzines and making limited run records on his own Invisible Spies imprint. Nowadays, his artwork can been seen throughout the world – both inside and outside of galleries. His signature style has adorned products for leading brands such as Prada, Kenzo, Elle, Kid Robot, Brompton and Warp Records, while the man himself continues to paint epic slogans in sub-zero temperatures. And he still has acne.

In 2014 Kid Acne collaborated with Dr Katie Edwards, an academic at The University of Sheffield, on 'The Word Made Fresh' project for the university's The Festival of the Mind. As part of the project, Kid Acne painted a mural version of his work 'The Birth of Hip Hop' on the side of the Old Junior School in Sharrowvale, Sheffield. He also created a new rap, 'The Universe Rap', for the project.